Walk your dog without the ick!

Add our Whifti Walks Pod to your lead and never have to carry a bag of dog poo again.



A game-changer that I didn't know I needed. No more embarrassing bags of poo hanging off my lead.

— Miche

Loving our Whifti Walks Pod!

Super helpful addition to the lead, much more pleasant being able to pop the bag in the pod and continue our walk. I love the look and feel of the pod too.

— Kate

Love it!

Love it! I'll never walk my dog again without my pod on the lead.

— Elle

The perfect gift for my dog loving mum.

I gifted a pod to my mum, she has been telling all her friends about it.

— Tara

The Whifti Walks story

The Whifti Walks pod was created to solve the ick of walking your dog and having to carry their bag of poo home. The pod is a stylish addition to your lead and contains any unpleasant smells. It is washable and made from high quality silicone and plastic.

Matte silicone sleeve

Smooth matte silicone wraps around the pod to allow space for you to feed your lead through so the pod sits securely to the lead without swinging excessively.

The end of the pod includes space to store a spare roll of bags so you never run out; this space can be used as a dispenser for small to average-sized rolls.

Biodegradable Bags

Choosing our compostable cornstarch bags over traditional plastic bags reduces your carbon pawprint and minimises the long-term impact on the environment.