About Whifti Walks

We are dog lovers from the coastal town of Wollongong, Australia. We are on a mission to take the ick out of walking your dog. 

Rewind to 2022, I, Sarah the creator of the pod, faced a first-world dog parent dilemma. Whilst walking my beloved and ever so quirky groodle Winnie, I always dreaded the inevitable walk back home with the dangling, smelly dog poo bag; we have all done it and dreaded it! It was a moment of truth, and I thought, "There has to be a better way!"

Cue the birth of the Whifti Walks Dog Poo Pod – because, let's face it, picking up after our furry friends is not pleasant. I needed a solution that was not just functional but also had a sleek, subtle style so you could sit at a cafe and no one would ever know. The result? A hands-free, odour-controlling, and oh-so-discreet Pod that's the epitome of dog-walking chic.

Crafted from the finest materials – durable matte plastic, silky silicone, and sleek gold metal clips – the Whifti Walks Pod is here to take the "ick" out of your dog-walking game and add an edge to your walk style. Say goodbye to the days of embarrassing bags and hello to discreet and stylish.

More importantly, the pod will save the environment from the mountain of dog poo that is left behind and washed into the waterways every day. 

So, fellow dog lovers, join the Whifti Walks revolution! You will never want to take your dog for a walk again without our trusty Whifti Walks Dog Poo Pod attached to the lead again. 

See you at the dog beach!