1. Feed the lead through the raised silicone sleeve: Take the metal clip end of your lead and slide it through the raised silicone sleeve on the Whifti Walks Pod. Ensure that the pod is positioned with the dispenser end facing the direction of your dog and that the pod's clip end is closest to the lead handle.

  2. Pull the lead through the silicone sleeve: After sliding the lead through the silicone sleeve, pull the lead out from the other side.

  3. Slide the pod along the lead: Once the lead is through the loop, slide the Whifti Walks Pod along the lead towards the handle end. Make sure it's positioned without a twist in the lead.

  4. Attach the lead to the handle: With the pod slid up to the handle end of the lead, attach the pod clip to the metal loop on your lead at the handle. If your dog's lead doesn't have a loop to attach to, you can use the large gold spring-opening ring clip that comes with the pod. Attach this ring clip through the lead handle, then clip the pod clip to the ring.


  1. Pick up your dog's poop: After your dog has done its business, use a Whifti Walks Compostable Dog Poo Bag to pick up the waste.

  2. Remove air and tie the bag: Before tying the bag, remove any excess air from it. This step ensures the bag will fit easily; if there is too much air, you will need to push the bag in. Once the air is removed, securely tie the bag.

  3. Untwist the pod lid: Found at the top clip end. 

  4. Place the bag in the pod: Insert the tied-up dog waste bag into the opened pod.

  5. Empty the pod: When you return home, it's time to empty the pod. Simply twist the lid open. Then, tip the bag of waste out of the pod into your bin or dog waste composter bin.

  6. Leave the pod with the lid off: Leaving the lid off allows the pod to air out in between walks, allowing the pod to deodorise itself. Alternatively, you can wipe or rinse out.

By following these steps, hygienically manage your dog's waste during walks and dispose of it responsibly when you return home. 



  1. Twist off the dispenser lid: Start by twisting off the Whifti Walks Pod dispenser lid. Set the lid aside for now. (Take note of the position of the oval opening as this is how the direction the roll should sit in the pod) 

  2. Undo the Whifti Walks compostable bag roll: Take the Whifti Walks compostable bag roll and undo the sticker. Unroll the first bag to half-way. 

  3. Place the roll in the dispenser lined up with the oval opening: Position the roll inside the dispenser so that it is positioned in the same direction as the oval opening when the lid is done up. This ensures the bags can be easily released through the opening when needed. 

  4. Feed the first bag through the dispenser oval opening: Insert the first bag of the roll through the oval opening on the dispenser. Pull the bag through until half the bag is extended outside the dispenser.

  5. Fit a maximum of 10 bags: The dispenser is designed to hold a maximum of 10 bags at a time. If the roll contains more than 10 bags, you can use the extra space for storing a spare roll only. Larger rolls may not spin properly within the dispenser due to space constraints. Our Whifti Walks compostable bag rolls are compatible.

  6. Prepare for Version 2: Version 2 of our Whifti Walks Pod is coming soon. It will accommodate larger rolls and have more space for larger dogs.